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Tips on Picking the Perfect Art... from the Experts

Tips on Picking the Perfect Art... from the Experts

(Thank you to our guest blog contributor, Briana Boese of Baterbys Art Gallery- Winter Park)

There is much to consider when selecting that perfect piece of art for your space, whether it be your home or office. The first step is to recognize what you hope to gain from purchasing a work of art for your home. Whether you simply want something beautiful to admire on your walls, or are more interested in “investing” in a piece that will increase in value over time, choosing the right artwork can be a simple and enjoyable process.


If you are having a hard time narrowing down a specific style or artist, consider looking at your existing décor. If you have a more ‘50s and ‘60s mid-century modern feel, you might consider a large, colorful piece of abstract imagery to add some excitement to those clean lines and neutral colors. If your taste is more traditional, such as the rustic farmhouse or rugged nautical styles, you might consider selecting representational artworks that reinforce this atmosphere. However, when selecting art for your personal collection, always be sure to choose something that you like – the issue of matching your décor can always be solved when selecting a frame that complements both the piece and the feel of the space where it’s going to hang.


Mid-Century Modern.jpg
modern art.png




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Once you have selected your artwork, it is time to consider the framing. If the work you chose does not necessarily match your existing space, custom framing presents the perfect opportunity to mediate between the two styles. Consider surrounding more elaborate, modern pieces with simple frames that do not distract from the art itself. If you have selected an earlier 20th-century master work, you might want to choose an ornate frame that reflects the context of the period – especially if it will be placed in a setting with traditional décor. The key is to choose your framing so that it compliments and accentuates the art, not distracts from it. It is also crucial to consider the protective qualities of framing especially when it comes to art investments. Custom framing your artwork in museum quality elements will help protect your artwork from damage and aging over time.

Rustic wood frame.jpg
Gold ornate frame.jpg
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Now that the artwork is selected and framing chosen, you need to decide where exactly you are going to place the artwork. It is absolutely critical that works of art, especially original paintings, be kept out of direct sunlight, lest they begin to fade and lose both aesthetic and financial value. You might also think about keeping the work out of busy areas where people and pets might bump into it. After you have considered the safety of the piece, you must think about the objects surrounding the artwork; there should not be too much space between the artwork and the furniture around it. You might also want to consider that arched furniture may conflict with the squared lines of a framed painting. ***Note: A good rule of thumb is to hang the artwork at eye-level.



Mounting and hanging the artwork on the wall can seem like a chore but with these easy tips, you will be hanging your artwork like a pro in no time. To avoid excess nail holes in your walls, be sure to mark where you want the art to go with a pencil. Always ask for someone’s help if you think the piece will be too heavy to lift on your own. Heavier pieces should be installed with wall anchors and sturdier nails to support their weight. The last thing you want is that beautiful work of art to come crashing to the floor. However, if you are not confident in your hanging abilities, this may be a step that is best left to the experts.

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