What kind of home should I buy?

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What's your style?

Are you a low-maintenance person, not a lot of free time? Then a condo or townhouse might be right for you.

Do you like having a yard or pool? Do you want a lot of privacy? Then buying a single family home might be the way to go.

We find it useful to go through a checklist of must-have's as a way to get started in your home search.

Here are some helpful questions to get you started:

  1. Is having a yard important to you? If so, can you make do with a small yard? What size yard is ideal?
  2. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? What square footage do you prefer?
  3. Is there any specific part of the city/area that you prefer?
  4. Do you have children? Is there a specific school or school district you’d prefer to live in/near?
  5. Do you have pets? If looking at condo or townhouse complexes, there may be weight/size/breed restrictions.
  6. Are you interested in a new home, a resale home, or both?
  7.  Do you or any members of your family have any disabilities, conditions, or other circumstances that would require specific home features?
  8. What style of home would you prefer? (ie Mediterranean, Contemporary, Bungalow, traditional, brick, stucco, etc)
  9. Are stairs acceptable?
  10. Do you need an open floor plan? Is entertaining important for you?
  11. Would you like a patio/deck, or enough space to create one?
  12. Is having a pool important? Are you open to adding a pool at a later time?
  13. Do you want a garage? If so, how many bays?
  14. Do you work from home? Do you need an office, or an extra spot in the house for office equipment?